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Trailer - Introduction to Host and Content

The trailer offers an explanation of each episode's structure which will feature conversations dealing with the diagnosis of an illness that was recently revealed by a celebrity. Some of the foremost medical experts in each illness will serve as guests. Also, the host shares why she is passionate about health, wellness and...what can go wrong.

To deal with stressful circumstances, it helps to feel a connection with others who understand. When it's an illness that strikes and yanks you out of your normal orbit, it can be beneficial to tether yourself to others who are informed and can offer solutions.

In this podcast, you can expect to gain knowledge about illnesses that have affected those in the public conversation whose lives cross our radars and may give us pause. And from their experiences, lessons may be gleaned which can serve you in the present and the future.

What you can expect on each episode is a honest and intelligent conversation covering what are often complex illnesses. Experts from hospitals nationwide lend their up to date knowledge and insight into how the illnesses strike and what the range of their impact is.

Host JUNE SCHARF is a longtime journalist whose reporting has appeared in newspapers and magazines for the past 25 years. The strength of her interviewing skills forms the backbone of each conversation. Her innate curiosity also serves the listener well as she covers all angles on each topic she explores here.

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